About us

P.G Purushan Vaidyar’s Herbal Heritage assures complete cure from fertility problems, sperm problems or egg problems, with the best remedy available today. Success rates are very high compared to other treatments and is very economical. Herbal Heritage’s stimulation theory ® treatment makes Male / Female perfect in their productive organs and its functions without any stress, strain, heavy bill, hospitalisation and frequent visit to hospital and lab. Results are long lasting because all are nature oriented. We offer world’s best treatment for low AMH women to have quality eggs.

We belive in natural cure and there is nothing better than that. We have been in this industry since 1995 and have our expertise in fertility treatment. We help cure fertility problems of our patients with Ayurveda and herbal techniques. We solve infertility problem for both men and women. We are located at Kottayam, Kerala and a chain of clinic’s since1999 in Trivandrum, Trichur, Kozhikode, Kannur, Kodungallur, Bangalore, UAE etc.

Herbal Reproductive Treatment - World class remedy trusted even by world famous IVF hospitals is at your service.

Feminity and fertility is apt only when a girl having her correct periods without heavy pain or heavy flow. Herbal Heritage regulates the same without any hormone therapy permanently. For Menoria, Amminoria, Dysminoria, PCOD, Cyst, Endometrosis obesity etc we have permanent solution.