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Endometrial thickness?

Endometrial thickness is a natural process. After a menstrual bleeding the endometrial thickness is 4-5mm after menopause also the same. Then it has to increase up to 10-12mm for pregnancy and again it has to increase up to 18-20mm for next period. If the embryo is on the endometrium, period will not come. Now it is noted that in most of the women the endometrial thickness is not coming up to 10-12mm so no natural pergency or IVF etc. not possible. Herbal heritage know well more than others, why the endometrium thickness is not normal. This is a physical phenomenon and has very accurative treatment to solve the problem. Some hormone treatment give up to 8mm endometrium thickness but most often falls when the effect of hormone is reduced. Herbal heritage treatment gives required and steady result.

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