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A word every human being used, using and going to use throughout life. One word having different meaning at each time and occasion. Pain of organ; pain of sentiments.

When we hear the word pain, the first thing that came to our mind is analgesics, one of the biggest markets in the world. But only a fraction of this ocean of pain can be solved by analgesics; which is widely an unnecessary used today. There are so many type of pain. which cannot be solved by analgesic , such as pain of the mind , pain about a loss , pain about a separation, pain about helplessness , pain about non meeting , pain about beloved wellness etc etc… so pain can be mainly classified treatable and non-treatable .

As par as treatable pain is considered , the present danger of self-treatments and un wanted analgesic usage , both lead to more dangerous situation than what is caused by original pain . Because the pain is a symptom or an indication and analgesic is normally acting at the brain to hide the symptom, slow the symptom subsides- or may continue. But the side effect of analgesic is always there.

Herbal heritage cure the pain without analgesics we solve the basic reason for the pain such as. pain during period , migraine , other head ache , back pain ,joint pain , stomach , pain of endometriosis , adinomyosis , pcod, etc . Simply most of the female pain s are curable without analgesics .when a pain is solved with analgesics, s reoccurrence is most probably there. When cured without analgesics, results are long lasting.

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