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What differs herbal heritage from other Ayurveda and other systems of treatments?

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Herbal heritage has unique, monopoly and most effective treatment for infertile male and female. Our monopoly treatment makes the male and female, perfect in their body, mind and reproductive organs, “at its best condition”. Then the reproduction, that is the couple’s duty. But if there is a need for IVF or other assisted reproduction due to some anatomical complaints, there also these treatments are the best, because the patient is to be fit for reproduction. So natural or assisted (IVF, etc.) will do good for them. Herbal heritage has two stages of treatment that is 90 days medication for all and in certain cases 14 days I.P (admit in our hospital). Admitted treatment is mostly for female with inactive reproductive organs.
Herbal heritage convert infertile male and female to fertile one by making their reproductive organs perfect in its performance.

BUT HOW? There is the difference between herbal heritage and all other treatment people and other system of medicine.

Simply because in this world only herbal heritage is using “stimulation theory treatment “. Herbal heritage is having our own research and product GMP certified company which produce exclusive and full range of herbal fertility medicines in India. so the difference is technology and the most effective  medicines to stimulate brain , pituitary gland and other reproductive organs along with “ ensuring enough blood flow and best oxygen carrying capacity of the blood to all organ , which  is enough for world-class result “.
Herbal heritage treat needy couples only for 90 days, if not conceive in 90 days one medicine will continue for next 30 days.
The result came from 30 days to 6 months time. Many get in the first month itself.

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