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What is Azoospermia?

In this condition we ever, never guarantee 100% result to anybody.

Our assurance is IF THERE IS GERM CELL (2-3 in numbers) in any part of scortam, it is possible to produce sperm. But so far no perfect test to conform whether there is germ cell. So it is the practice to prescribe 90 days medicine with all the details explanations. Hundreds of male succeed through herbal heritage treatment, but 10 to 15 % may not. Even in patent with their testicular biopsy shows no germ cell, has got result just because they had germ cell in some other part of testes.    
In addition to child birth, all those who takes treatment from herbal heritage is getting self-protection mechanism (natural immunity) from breast cancer and uterus cancer in future , can keep diabetic , hypertension , other life style disorder out of their life.
The slogan of herbal heritage is prevent infertility and so already happen infertility. Also keep hormone treatment and surgery maximum out of your life

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